This school follows a strict no-contact philosophy. Students are taught in an environment that encourages teamwork, safety and responsible training.

Bowing is a custom for both eastern and western traditions. In relation to the study of eastern martial arts, bowing is an Asian custom used to show respect. Students will bow to the instructors and other students both to show respect and as a greeting. In most systems, bowing does not have any religious overtones. A few systems do have strong religious content, but the student should be made aware of this fact by the instructor before enrolling in the class. Bowing is basically the same as the custom of shaking hands.

Choosing a school either for yourself or your child follows the same principles. The following is addressed to parents because children have special considerations.

Firstly, understand clearly what you or your child want to gain from your study of martial arts. Are you looking for recreation, community involvement, self-defense or personal development? Classes are offered in community centers and after school programs, and full-time professional schools. Any of these venues are appropriate depending on your interests.

Secondly, choosing a school really means choosing an instructor. Every school is different because every instructor is different. Tournament trophies, black belt degrees, and martial art styles can be confusing. Remember that the only style that is important is the teaching style of the instructor and how you or your child relates to that. Visit the school and watch the instructor work with his or her students.

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