Tae Kwon Do


WMA Karate presents Tae Kwon Do, the Korean art of self-defense, to students of all ages. This martial art, based on the model of the tiger emphasizes control, safety and respect. Tae Kwon Do offered at this studio is the Chung Do Kwan style as taught by Duk Sung Son.  It is a martial art with training rooted in basic technique, formal exercises, and sparring.   With emphasis on the principles of speed, power, balance, control and focus, this school follows a strict no-contact philosophy. Students are taught in an environment that encourages teamwork and safety. 

Tai Chi

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WMA Karate is pleased to present classes in Taijiquan and related Nei Jia, or internal arts.

A flowing integration of movement, stretches, squats and kicks, Taijiquan has well documented healing effect as well as its self defense and meditational qualities. Historically its roots are healing gymnastics, Daoist philosophy, and martial training. 

The Tai Chi Yang short form as developed by Professor Cheng Man-Ch'ing will be taught. A powerful blend of Moving and Standing practices that work to move the Chi throughout the body. These practices are designed to restore and maintain one's youthful vigor while at the same time help to restore physical, mental and emotional being to a calm and positive state.

Pilates is a routine is made up of a series of stretching and toning exercises that make a body stronger and more limber. It is the universally acknowledged among fitness professionals as the best core-strengthening system there is. Pilates is also non impact so that there is little danger of hurting oneself. . Students advance at their own pace while performing the same sequence with the entire class in a non competitive or stressful manner . Contact the instructor via email elovicb@gmail.com

Self Defense


More than three million Americans are involved in a violent physical encounter every year. In such situations knowledge is power in surviving-- and preventing-- violent altercations.  In the event of a vicious assault, there may not be a second chance.  Our aim is to guide students to avoid an assault or, in the worst case scenario, increase your odds of survival.  


Shuai Jiao/Chinese wrestling is China’s oldest form of martial art. This class is taught by the first and oldest club in the US.

Taught to both law enforcement and athletes in China and Taiwan, it is practical and effective as an art form, for physical conditioning, self-defense and as a sport. 

Each class contains traditional and practical full body conditioning and applications for sport and combat. With a focus on throws, we also include rolls, landings, joint-locks & strikes.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions to : Info@ShuaiJiao.US



During classes at Present Parenting, small groups of parents and babies come together in a calm, infant-friendly environment to observe and enjoy their infants exploring, interacting, and playing. A Certified RIE® Associate and parent-infant specialist models how and when to intervene during play and leads the subsequent discussion.

Participants learn key facts about child development, how to understand babies’ cues and respond to their wants and needs, and how their newfound observation skills can make family life more enjoyable. Babies are grouped according to gross motor development; enrollment in continuous 8-week sessions is ongoing.
9:30 - 11AM: Toddlers
11:15-12:30PM Crawlers
12:45- 1:45PM Back babies (4-9mo)
Contact Kristin for registration and additional information: (917) 583-0657 info@Learnfromyourbaby.com

Butoh Dance & Movement


 Butoh as a dance of life. Butoh is breathing. Using a series of exercises from Butoh (a contemporary dance form from Japan) plus voice & movement exercises, this class will guide to the freeing organic movements from your soul and the ability to be available for the creative process in life. 
These exercises increase physical awareness; help to develop concentration & relaxation, and support you to not only connect with your inner truth, but the outside world. All exercises encourage to explore, discover, and deepening yourself. Release unnecessary tension, self-consciousness, and preconceived notions, and finding space inside our body and outside - transform. Create something new. Gain vibrancy. You will challenge physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual limitations.  

$15-$20 for a single class; class package options available. Register HERE