Black Belt Intensive (6/1); Year-End Demonstration (6/5)

Coming up on Friday, June 1 at 7p, all Brown and Black Belts are invited to attend our June Black Belt Intensive. We will practice special techniques and discuss advanced topics such as when you become the steward of your own practice.

Then, on Tuesday, Jun 5 at 5:30pm at the Trevor Day School Gym at 1 W 88th Street in Manhattan, we will have our Year-End Demonstration and Promotion Test. Many students will be testing for new belts, but all students are invited to attend this special day. Our esteemed guest, Headmaster Dr. Michael Dealy, will be in attendance to review our club as well as preside over the promotion tests. Please note that the Atlantic Avenue Studio will be closed on this day to prepare for the event. K-1 students will have their own event later in June.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Also, don't forget our calendar is always available here.