Black Belt Club August Beta (8/16 & 8/18)

We are excited to remind folks about the continuing beta of the Black Belt Club. The dates are both this week, details are as follows:

  • Wednesday, August 16 – Headquarters Class. 7pm, 8101 Ridge Boulevard, Brooklyn. Join us for a practice with the Headmaster. This is an especially awesome class as everyone will be freshly back from Tae Kwon Do in the Mountains. There will also be a special demonstration of the 6th Degree Form. Adults $25, Children $20. Class will be 60-90 minutes long.
  • Friday, August 18 – Special Training Class. 6:15pm, Atlantic Avenue Studio. We'll be working special techniques and discussing the philosophy of the martial arts. Class is expected to end around 8pm. No additional charge.
The Black Belt Club is open to all Black Belts and Black Belt Candidates.


    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Also, don't forget our calendar is always available here.