WMA Karate is pleased to present classes in Taijiquan and related Nei Jia, or internal arts.

A flowing integration of movement, stretches, squats and kicks, Taijiquan has well documented healing effect as well as its self defense and meditative qualities. Historically its roots are healing gymnastics, Daoist philosophy, and martial training. 

The Tai Chi Yang short form as developed by Professor Cheng Man-Ch'ing will be taught. A powerful blend of Moving and Standing practices that work to move the Chi throughout the body. These practices are designed to restore and maintain one's youthful vigor while at the same time help to restore physical, mental and emotional being to a calm and positive state.

The New York Times recently had a piece on how Tai Chi can be used by people of all ages to develop strength and maintain range of motion: Using Tai Chi to Build Strength, September 10, 2018, New York Times.