1 Month Free Membership - New Students Only -- Free uniform -- Unlimited classes for one Month

1 Year memberships 

Premium Membership One-time $100 registration fee and $165.00 monthly dues (11 consecutive payments, 12th month free).

Basic Membership  One-time $100 registration and $110.00 monthly dues (11 consecutive payments, 12th month free).

All one-year memberships include 50 percent off of a birthday party and one free private lesson.  Ask us for details. One year memberships also have a pay once up front option with two months free.

** Family discounts available and special offers -- please inquire **

Cancellation Policy: - You may cancel your membership at any time WITH 2 weeks notice in writing to the billing department. $50 contract cancellation fee applies.



Although WMA Karate schools teach non-contact philosophy, class rules are significant in maintaining the class structure and ensure that the participant derives all the benefit of the instruction. The following are important guidelines to understand and follow. If you have any questions regarding these or any other policies, please consult your instructor.

1) Follow the directions of the Instructor. If you have any question about an instruction, or if you believe that a command could be harmful to you or another student, immediately ask the Instructor.

2) Do not spar unless under the supervision of the Instructor. During Free Style Sparring, NO OFFENSIVE CONTACT is allowed at any time. There are no kicks to the head, face, neck or groin area allowed. Contact shall be limited to the execution of a defensive move (Countering) during Free Style or Three-Step Sparring practice; provided however, that such defensive moves are properly executed with control and not intended to cause physical injury. NO CONTACT is allowed at any time except as set forth above.

3) Train responsibly.